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Important Notice

• Draft Civil List of WBCS (Exe.) Officers as on 16.08.2019 has been published. Final Feedback from the WBCS (exe) Officers with regards to errors and /or omissions, if any, against any of the entry of the said list shall have to be sent at paritcell-wb@nic.in .

• Guidelines for issuance of Income and Assets Certificate to Economically Weaker Sections for reservation in civil posts and services and for admission to educational institutions .

• Administrative Calendar 2019.

• Pending Civil List for WBCS (Exe) officers as on 25.06.2019 for kind perusal and taking necessary action from Additional Chief Secretary / Principal Secretary/ Secretary, All Department : District Magistrate, All Districts .

• Prescribed Format For Civil List for WBCS(Exe.)Cadre vide Memo No. 77-PAR(WBCS) dated 24.01.2019. All the officers are requested to send the Civil List of WBCS(Exe.) Cadre of their respective District/ Department to paritcell-wb@nic.in as an urgent basis within 05.04.2019 without fail.

What's Current

• Letter to Under Secretary of Presidents Secretariat icw O.A. No. 1607 of 2018 dated 03.09.2019

• New format of application for leave of All India Service Officers

• Medical Examination for the qualified candidates (13Th List) on the basis of result of LDA/ LDC Recruitment Exam- 2015-2016

• Notice regarding 13Th list of Medical Examination for LDA/ LDC Recruitment Exam- 2015-2016

• Application from interested officers for various posts in the Serious Fraud Investigation Office(SFIO)

• Online updating of the ER sheets of IAS officers

• Summary Sheets for creation/filling up of posts for submission before State Level Committee

Allowing MCAS benefit of Shri Jayanta Biswas, WBCS(Exe)
Posted on :- 17-09-2019

Promotion Order of 6 (Six) Registrar/ OSD to the post of Assistant Secretary
Posted on :- 13-09-2019

Promotion Order of 1 (One) Supervisory Grade Typist to the post of Senior Supervisory Grade Typist
Posted on :- 13-09-2019

Posting Order of 24 (Twenty four) WBCS (Exe) Officers
Posted on :- 12-09-2019

Promotion Order of 14 (Fourteen) WBCS(Exe) Officers
Posted on :- 12-09-2019

Detailment order of Sri Kailash Ch. Das, UDA, Directorate of Pension, Provident Fund and Group Insurance (DPPG)
Posted on :- 12-09-2019

Appointment of Shri Soumya Purkait, IAS as Commissioner,P & RD Department
Posted on :- 09-09-2019

Posting Order of Sofia Abbas and Swapan Kumar Deb, WBCS (Exe) Officers
Posted on :- 09-09-2019

Promotion Order of 5 (Five) UDAs to the post of the Head Assistant
Posted on :- 06-09-2019

Promotion Order of 5 (Five) Assistant Secretaries to the post of Deputy Secretary
Posted on :- 03-09-2019

Confirmation of Joyjit Lahiri, WBCS(Exe.)
Posted on :- 03-09-2019

Promotion Order of 2 (Two) Head Assistants to the post of Section Officer
Posted on :- 02-09-2019

Promotion Order of 6(Six) Section Officers/ UDA to the post of Registrar/ Special Officer/ OSD
Posted on :- 30-08-2019

Posting​ Order of Smt Nilanjana Dasgupta, WBCS(Exe) Officer as Director of Child Rights​ and Trafficking
Posted on :- 29-08-2019

Additional charge of Smt. Debjani Datta, WBCS(Exe.) as Director,Handloom and Textiles
Posted on :- 29-08-2019