Hon'ble Chief Minister



Name Designation Phone Number Fax Number Email-ID
Shri Arnab Roy, IAS Principal Secretary 22143655 22143318 secy.par-wb@nic.in
Shri Mesbahul Haque, IAS OSD & Ex- Officio Additional Secretary 22535068 22144029 haquemesbahul2013@gmail.com
Shri Trinanjan Chakraborty, IAS Additional Secretary 22535169 paritcell-wb@nic.in
Shri Sudeep Mitra, WBCS Special Secretary 22535183 sst.par-wb@gov.in
Shri Ajoy Kumar Pal, WBCS(Exe) Joint Secretary and Nodal Officer 2253-5423 jointsecretarypar@gmail.com
Shri Sukanta Kumar Banerjee OSD & Ex-Officio Joint Secretary 22535046 22141082 sukantabanerjeepar@gmail.com
Shri Bansi Badan Garai, WBAAS Financial Advisor 22535163 22535163 paritcell-wb@nic.in
Shri Malay Das, WBA & AS Controller of Accounts, AIS Pension and Service Records & Ex-Officio Joint Secretary 22141282 22141282 malaydas69@gmail.com
Shri Gautam Ray, WBSS Joint Secretary, IAS Cell & Establishment Cell 22501011 NA paritcell-wb@nic.in
Shri Palash Dutta, WBAAS Deputy Controller of Accounts AIS Pension and Service Records and Ex-Officio Deputy Secretary 22140025 paritcell-wb@nic.in
Shri Subrata Sarkar, WBCS (Exe) Deputy Secretary 22628790 NA subratawbcs@gmail.com
Shri Swapan Kumar Das, WBSS Deputy Secretary, WBCS Cell & AR Cell 22535329 NA paritcell-wb@nic.in
Shri Subhendu Mondal Deputy Secretary, West Bengal Information Commission 2252-0509 NA paritcell-wb@nic.in
Shri Parimal Kanti Sarkar Deputy Secretary, Vigilance Commision 23342209 NA paritcell-wb@nic.in
Smt Kalpana Saha , WBSS Deputy Secretary Vigilance & Training cell 9330040615 na paritcell-wb@nic.in
Shri Rathindranath Chakraborty, WBSS Deputy Secretary General Cell & CCW 22535097 NA paritcell-wb@nic.in
Shri Subrata Saha , WBSS Assistant Secretary, AIS Pension Cell 22545111 NA paritcell-wb@nic.in
Shri Abhijit Bhattacharya, WBSS Deputy Secretary Establishment Cell & Vigilance Cell 22535184 NA paritcell-wb@nic.in
Shri Ranjit Ghosh, WBSS Assistant Secretary 22535330 NA paritcell-wb@nic.in
Dr. Saitri Bhattacharya, WBLS Law Officer 2253-5385 NA parwblaw@gmail.com
Shri Dibyendu Kumar Ghosh, WBSS Registrar & DDO, Establishment Cell 22535025 NA paritcell-wb@nic.in
Smt Moushumi Bose, WBSS OSD SR & AC Cell 22535327 22535163 paritcell-wb@nic.in
Shri Sachindranath Samanta, WBSS OSD SR & AC Cell 22535327 22535163 paritcell-wb@nic.in