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Of late, Government of West Bengal (GoWB) has taken several initiatives in the areas of poverty alleviation, health-care and administrative reforms and for improving the quality of life of the poor. DFID has been very generously providing development assistance to the State Government since early 1990s in support of the above initiatives. DFID’s programmes have helped GoWB to sustain growth, improve the investment climate in the State and delivery of services to the poor.

Over the last two decades, the administration at the field level has undergone a qualitative change, the volume and dimensions of the functions have grown manifold and with empowerment of the people through the three tier elected PR bodies, the decision making at that level has become extremely complex. The field level functionaries are now finding it difficult to cope with the current situation. It is now felt that the expertise and orientation required to effectively handle the challenges of development administration need to be substantially augmented. The public sector governance is thus the prime focus of State Government’s current agenda. In order to improve the delivery mechanism so far as the poverty alleviation programmes and beneficiary oriented schemes are concerned and to make the administration more transparent, responsive and prompt, several measures for institutional strengthening are being taken. This has become all the more relevant in the context of the prime objective of the 11th Five Year Plan which is to bring about quality change in the life of the people with an inclusive approach to human development.

Petition Status of Shri Snahasis Banerjee of Kolkata
Petition status of Shri Kaushik Kar of Kolkata
Petition status of Shri Sumit Majumder. Order no: 195-PAR(AR/PG)/O/4G-23/2013.
Petition status of Shri Javed Ahmed, order no. 82-PAR(AR/PG)/O/4G-23/2014.
Petition status of Shri Md. Golam Nasher & others, order no. 78-PAR(AR/PG)/O/4G-23/2014.
Petition status of Shri Swami Rameshwar Maharaj, Order no : 36-PAR(AR/PG)/0/4G-2/2013.
Allotment Cancellation / withdrawal order
Petition status of Shri Sushil Mitruka, order no: 101-PAR(AR)/O/4G-1/2015
Sanction- cum-Allotment order no: 30(Sanction)-PAR(AR)/O/3M-42/2012
Necessary fund will be allotted in favour of chief Engineer(Electrical)PWD. order no- 24(AA)-PAR(AR)/P/1B-37/2015
ADS -Administrative Service GRD -Group D SSC -Staff Selection Commission
CCW -Common Cadre Wing IAS -Indian Administrative Service STS -Stenographer Services
CCS -Clerical Services RTI -Right to Information WBCS -West Bengal Civil Service
GEN -General SES -Secretariat Service WBSS -West Bengal Secretariat Service
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